May 22, 2022


The BHP’s five member Board of Commissioners is responsible for the overall policy and management of the organization.  All members are appointed by the Brattleboro Select Board and each serves a five-year term. The Brattleboro Housing Partnerships is very fortunate to have a Board which is highly knowledgeable about the many facets of its work. Board members take an active interest in policy development and management issues. After Tropical Storm Irene, Board members were very involved in the decision making around next steps and in volunteering their time to help with the clean up! The Board keeps its focus on the big picture and does not get overly involved in day-to-day matters. This is the mark of an excellent Board that knows its job and is doing it well!

The Board meets once a month in each of BHP’s five public housing developments throughout the year on Monday night at 5:30 p.m. The first item of business is to talk with any residents that are present, if you have a question or concern that you would like to bring to the Board, please attend a meeting! The schedule of meetings is posted in or outside each of the property offices.

Board of Commissioners:

Janet Cramer, Chair of the Board (term expires 6/21)

Phone: 802-257-4750


Tom Murray, Vice Chair of the Board (term expires 6/23)

Phone: 802-254-4337


 Elizabeth Harrison, Commissioner (term expires 6/20)

Phone: 802-289-2326


Donna Rathbun, Commissioner (term expires 6/22)

Phone: 802-275-3980


 Byron Stookey, Commissioner (term expires 6/24)

Phone: 802-257-4691


Christine H Hart, Executive Director, Board Secretary

Phone: 802-254-6071