March 24, 2023



Executive Director:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 0

BHP Portrait
Christine Hazzard, Executive Director

Development Director:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 0

BHP Portrait
Christine Hart, Development Director

Finance Department:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 6

Billie Jo Rickey , Accounting Assistant

Section 8/Grants:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 2

David DeAngelis, Section 8 Voucher/Grants Manager (No Photo Available)

Occupancy Team:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 1 for the Property Management Department


BHP Portrait
Courtney Denofrio, Property Manager
BHP Portrait
Jenn Short, Assistant Property Manager

Estelle Reynolds, Occupancy Support Administrator

Office Administration:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 0 for information or a work order

Laurie Griffus, Office Support Administrator

Supportive Services Team:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 4

Lorelei Morrissette, Resident Services & Staffing Director


Support And Service at Home (SASH):

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 3 for the SASH Program at Hayes Court, Samuel Elliot Apartments, Red Clover Commons 1 &2

Shawna Jones, SASH Implementation Manager


Susanne Shapiro, SASH Wellness Nurse

Ashley Jewell, SASH Coordinator 

John MacDonald, SASH Coordinator for Samuel Elliot Apartments. Coming soon; the addition of Bellows Falls in the spring of 2023

SASH For All:

Contact at 802-254-6071 ext. 121 for the SASH For All program at Ledgewood Heights and Moore Court

Jake Bursky, SASH For All Coordinator

SASH For All Peer Support Advocate, Coming Soon

Liz Watson SASH For All Wellness Nurse


Employment and Education Coordinator:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 4 for the EEP Program

Matt Attesi, Employment and Education Coordinator

Maintenance Team: 

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 0 for maintenance related issues

David Dearborn, Maintenance Supervisor
BHP Portrait
Scott Newton,  Maintenance Technician II
BHP Portrait
Todd Russell,  Maintenance Technician II
Paul Gero, Maintenance Technician II

Austin Mudge, Maintenance Technician

Images courtesy of BHPinhouse | Brattleboro Housing Partnerships