February 21, 2024

Employment and Education Program (formerly known as Family Self Sufficiency-FSS)

Employment and Education Program helps participants make measurable progress toward economic security, do what they dream and break free from benefit programs. The program offers:

  • Escrow savings account and money  management
  • Help with employment and educational goals
  • Help with finding childcare
  • Home Ownership
  • and much more

Who is eligible? Brattleboro Section 8 and RAD residents.

The program is a voluntary HUD program available which supports participants in building financial assets as the household increases earned income from wages. Participants identify and develop a combination of their personal, educational, and professional goals. As participants achieve employment goals and increase their household income from wages, their share of rent increases based on their income. An amount equitable to the monthly rent increase is set aside each month into an escrow savings account for most participants. When participants meet all of their goals and graduate from the program, they are eligible to receive a payout of the escrow accrued during their participation.

For more information please call:

Matt Attesi, Employment and Education Coordinator at 802 715-1637