July 22, 2024

Purchasing & Solicitations

Brattleboro Housing Authority is issuing a Request for proposal for qualified Energy Audit, PNA and PCA consultant to perform the following:

General Requirements: In accordance with the PNA User Guide, and the Public Housing and Modernization Standards Handbook 7485.2. The Energy Audit, PNA and PCA will be conducted in accordance with 24 CFR 905.300, 24 CFR Part 965.302, and energy codes. The selected Contractor will provide a full range of services including evaluating the existing conditions of the housing stock based upon a representative sample selection of buildings, units, common areas, and other BHA physical facilities. The assessment will identify energy conservation measures and the cost-savings that result from implementing the measures, thereby reducing operating costs. All identified physical improvements will meet or exceed HUD mandatory standards, and those established by local and state health, safety, and building codes. At a minimum, the goal of the PNA is to identify and provide a description of all physical improvements that will be required to bring the property back to a level comparable with “as-built,” to the degree reasonably possible based on available components and building age. The effort should provide BHA with the information necessary to ensure long-term physical viability and in a manner suitable for planning and budgeting purposes. Data shall be in a format suitable for HUD reporting requirements.

The Energy Audit, PNA and PCA RFP: PCA RFP Solicitation 105 II