Mon. Oct 18th, 2021


Executive Director:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 0

BHP Portrait
Christine Hazzard, Executive Director

Development Director:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 0

BHP Portrait
Christine Hart, Development Director

Finance Department:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 6


Billie Jo Rickey , Accounting Assistant

Section 8/Grants:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 2

David DeAngelis, Section 8 Voucher/Grants Manager (No Photo Available)

Property Management:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 1 for the Property Management Department


BHP Portrait
Courtney Denofrio, Property Manager
BHP Portrait
Jenn Short, Assistant Property Manager

Office Administration:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 0 for information or a work order

Jeannie McPherson, Front Office Administrative Assistant (No Photo Available)


Supportive Services:



Resident Wellness & Services Manager:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 4

Lorelei Morrissette, Resident Wellness & Services Manager

Employment and Education Coordinator:

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 5 for the EEC Program

Amy Pandolfi, Employment and Education Coordinator


Support And Service at Home (SASH):

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 3 for the SASH Program


Shawna Jones, SASH Implementation Manager


Jake Bursky, SASH Coordinator



Susanne Shapiro, SASH Wellness Nurse

Maintenance Department: 

Contact 802-254-6071 ext. 0 for maintenance related issues

David Dearborn, Maintenance Supervisor


BHP Portrait
Tony Ingram, Maintenance Technician I


BHP Portrait
Scott Newton,  Maintenance Technician II


BHP Portrait
Todd Russell,  Maintenance Technician II


Paul Gero, Maintenance Technician II
Maintenance Worker, Coming Soon


Images courtesy of BHPinhouse | Brattleboro Housing Partnerships